CNRM ( National Meteorological Research Centre)

The National Meteorological Research Centre is a joined unit of CNRS and Météo-France. Acknowledged as one of the leading international lab for meteorological research, CNRM coordinates all Météo-France R&D. Its main missions are (I) to progress in the understanding of atmosphere and its interfaces (soil, vegetation, snow cover, ocean) and of the processes governing their interactions and (ii) to develop and improve models for weather forecasting including high-impact weather events, climate changes, seasonal forecasting, flood forecasting. In the PICS project, it offers its competences in the areas of both the numerical forecasting of precipitating systems and integrated hydrometeorological modelling.



Scientific manager of the project for CNRM

CNRM - Chercheur / Researcher


DUCROCQ Véronique
CNRM - Chercheur / Researcher
LOVAT Alexane
CNRM - Ingénieur / Engineer